How to solo mine zcash with bfgminer

I have an ASIC (Butterfly labs easy miner), bitcoin testnet and zcash testnet full nodes on my local network.

I can mine on bitcoin testnet by the command:
bfgminer -o [IP Address of the bitcoin testnet node]:[Port] -u [rpc_username] -p [rpc_password] --generate-to "[myBitcoinAddress]"

it can automatically find the ASIC and reach over 8Gh/s.

When I try the same command for zcash testnet:
bfgminer -o [IP Address of the zcash testnet node]:[Port] -u [rpc_username] -p [rpc_password] --generate-to "[myZcashAddress]"

it gives the error invalid address

When I try without --generate-to and address, it doesn’t connect to the node and doesn’t mine.

I’ve read the README of bfgminer but couldn’t find anything about coins except for bitcoin.

How can I use BFGMiner to perform solo zcash mining?

  • What arguments do I give to bfgminer on the command line and is there any settings that I am missing?

  • If bfgminer is only for bitcoin, what other program(s), if any, do I need to mine zcash?

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